Office Dogs- The Garden Gates

Shadow - The Garden Gates

The Garden Gates is a special place, mainly because our office is filled with dogs running the hallways.  Our dog policy was born the day Shadow came into our lives.  Shadow is a rescue dog that we found in our New Orleans Carrolton neighborhood.  Ashton Kendall Harris, Chad & Beth Harris’ son, was riding his skateboard down Short Street and found Shadow walking alone with no collar.  Ashton grabbed a leash and brought Shadow home.  Now, two years later, Shadow has a buddy by the name of Cecil, Beth & Chad Harris’ older sons, Aiden Everett Harri,  dog.

Cecil & Shadow 
George & Shadow - The Garden Gates
George & Shadow Heading to Work at The Garden Gates in Metairie

” I am fortunate that these guys get to come to work with me everyday” says Chad Everett Harris, ” They are also great time keepers, they let me know when we are running late too as the stand at attention at my front door every morning.”  The Garden Gates offices are located at 4304 Firestone Road in a multi use building.  In addition to The Garden Gates offices, Crescent City Coaching & Vitality for Kristin share the space with bASIC Mining, and Bonline, LLC.  

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