World’s Most Famous Fountains.

Chad Everett Harris is fascinated with fountains and how they transform a home.  Fountains were originally meant for a practical function, connected to natural springs or aqueducts and used to provide clean, running drinking, bathing, cooking, and cleaning water to the residents of villages, towns, and cities. These are seen as far back as ancient Rome! Until the late 19th century most fountains were operated by gravity and needed the source of water to be higher than the fountain in order to produce enough pressure to make the water flow or jet up into the air. Fountains around the world have proven to be fantastic historic monuments that still inspire mankind with their beauty, power, and ingenuity to this day.

It is very easy to see why so many people want a fountain for their garden now, is not it? These modern days, fountains can be made almost anywhere thanks to the invention of electric pumps. These pumps can be any size at all so fardue to the good fountaine, and therefore, so can a modern fountain. Big or small, fancy or plain, loud or soft, anything you want, you can have! Amazingly, all fountains in the world are created from the three basic types- bubbling, spilling, and jet fountains.

It must be that it is their brilliance, ingenuity, and beauty that is what makes it so very hard to choose. When you are looking for inspiration, look no farther. The answer may be right here in this article- or at least some inspiration. Here are the 6 most famous and beautiful fountains in the world!

Fountain of Wealth

Chad Everett Harris- Fountain of Wealth
Chad Everett Harris’ all-time favorite outdoor fountains. 
The Singapore Fountain of Wealth

This is the largest fountain in the world a compared to the other fountains, a massive combination of jet and spilling fountain, made of a shining bronze ring pouring water down into a massive basin all around a beautiful upwards jet. The design is based upon the Hindu Mandala and is supposed to mean the universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and to symbolize the equality and harmony of all races and religions in beautiful singapore as large.

Rome’s Trevi Fountain

 Chad Everett Harris-Trevi Fountain
Chad Everett Harris’ all time favorite.  The Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome, Italy, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi 

The Trevi fountain is amazing- it stands 85 feet high and 65 feet wide, the central figure being an oceanus sculpture with the water cascading down into the water below him and emptying into the large basin. Trevi fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world because of its sheer beauty and its appearance in so much of classic literature, on films, and on TV in the modern day. It is one of the most beloved examples there are, the classic rendition so many people seek to imitate when they are looking for fountains so far. The Trevi fountain is so old, it has to undergo a 2.9 million dollar restoration to restore it to its former beauty and fortify it to make it last for generations to come.

Las Vegas’s Bellagio fountains

The bellagio fountains constructions cost the city 40 million dollars, and it was well worth every penny! The fountains bring visitors from far and wide to have a look. They are a fantastic compilation of jets, shooting up from beneath the water into the sparkling light of millions of neon signs. The fountains are choreographed to music and erupt into a light and water show every 15 minutes. Before each show, the nozzles break the water’s surface, and the bellagio hotel changes colors depending on the holiday or event.

Fountains at Versailles

Chad Everett Harris - Latona’s Fountain at the Palace of Versailles
During a visit to Versailles Palace, Chad Everett Harris sat enjoyed the spectacular show. 

This fourth fountain was inspired by Ovid’s metamorphosis, and is a beautiful example of a combination jet and spilling fountain. Just looking at it, you know it must have taken forever to design. The craftsmanship is breathtaking, and the fountain itself is supposed to tell the legend of Diana and Apollo’s mother, who protected their children against the insults of the peasants of Lycia, and called on Jupiter to avenge them. Jupiter heard their plea, and transformed them into lizards and frogs so they could escape. Maybe not what the mothers had in mind.

Big Wild Goose

Chad Everett Harris-Big wild goose pagoda fountain
Chad Everett Harris buck list – Big wild goose pagoda fountain in beautiful Xian, China

The fifth fountain is the Big wild goose pagoda fountain in beautiful Xian, China! It covers about 110,000 square meters and is basically a huge compilation of jets that shoot straight up into the air. Like the fountain in las vegas, it can be tuned to music. Its fountain and music show has the most benches, the largest scale acoustic complex, and the longest light belt in the world. When the music begins, the center of the square fills with different designs of jets, showing off a total of 22 different patterns. Some are designed to look like lotuses, a hundred meter running spring, seas of clouds, flying seagulls, and even a multicolored laser water curtain. The most favored of these is the fire fountain, which erupts into a massive 60 meters in width and 20 meters in height, spurting up from the water. Much like fireworks, this fountain is best viewed at night.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Chad Everett Harris-Magic Fountain of Montjuic
Magic Fountain of Montjuic

This magic fountain is a located in the montjuic neighbourhood of barcelona, spain. It is right below the Palau nacional on the montjuic hill and is close to the placa d’espanya and poble espanyol de barcelona. This is not an ancient example- this fountain was actually made in time for the 1929 barcelona international exposition. The fountain was designed by a man name Carles Buigas, who had begun to design illuminated fountains as early as 1922. The site where the fountain was constructed was the former location of the four columns. The plans for the fountains were only submitted one year before the exhibition, and many called it too ambitious. The construction project utilized over 3000 workers who worked day and night to get it done. The first time the fountain was turned on was may 19, 1929- the day before the exposition. The fountain was, unfortunately, badly damaged in the spanish civil war and did not operate again until 1955, when Buigas returned to his project to oversee the necessary repairs so far.

Here’s to hoping these fountains have given you some inspiration! Good luck shopping!  If you need help find the right outdoor decor, Chad Everett Harris is the perfect consultant to help with all your garden fountain needs.  

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