New Orleans Christmas Tree Buyer’s Guide

Chad Everett Harris

If you are in need of a Christmas tree, The Garden Gates can help you. From Fraser Fir to Flocked Fraser Fir trees, we make sure that your Christmas will be accompanied and embellished by the perfect trees.

All of the trees are picked by hand, so that we can make sure that the quality of the tree we are going to provide you with is the best, and that it pleases you as well.
Before we begin showcasing our products, let’s look into some details about the Fraser Fir and find out more about the item that’s going to shine the brightest during Christmas.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees 

This tree is widely known as being the Christmas tree, as almost every household is sheltering one during the cold nights of winter. It has been named after the botanist John Fraser, who has explored the southern Appalachian Mountains. Characteristic to the Fraser Fir are the branches that are slightly turned upwards. Because of this, the tree has a compact appearance, which is best fit for Christmas trees. Furthermore, because of the pleasant scent they have, their ability to retain their needles and the pyramidal shape, they come in, they are more likely to be chosen as a Christmas tree. In some instances, the Fraser Fir has been used even as the official tree of the White House.

At the end of the seven to ten years that are required for a Fraser Fir to grow – and reach around 6-7 feet – you will be greeted by its dark blue-green color on which Christmas lights are able to shine correctly and offer your entire family the cozy-like feeling everyone should have during this special holiday.

We mentioned its popularity, and to strengthen that statement, we inform you that some Fraser Fir tree growers refer to this three as the “Cadillac of Christmas trees.” Well, they are right – when trying to decide which type of tree you are going to have in your house over winter, you can’t go wrong with the Fraser Fir tree.
Now, as you know which one is considered the best Christmas tree out there, let’s start the buying guide and get you adequately informed before having the wrong Christmas trees delivered to your house.

The New Orleans Christmas Tree Buyer’s Guide

First of all, we’ll take a look at the Fraser Fir Christmas trees with lights.
Fraser Fir Christmas Trees with Lights

These are available in sizes starting with 7-8 feet and up to 13-14 feet and can only be purchased online in New Orleans. Each size is suited for specific homes or for the space you might have available for the Christmas tree. Of course, not only height must be taken into account. You should also make sure that the area you allocate for your tree is wide enough to fit the size you want to buy.

7-8 feet Fraser Fir

Starting with the smallest one, the 7-9 feet Fraser Fir Christmas tree, it is known as the traditional Christmas tree as it can fit most of the houses. In case this size is on the list of your Christmas trees, then the ceiling of your home must not have a smaller height than 9 feet – for the Christmas tree to have enough space left above it.

Because of its average width, it’s perfect not only for the corner of the room but also for its center. By placing it in the center, it becomes a point of interest for your house – especially if you put it in your living room. Furthermore, having the lights already attached to the Christmas tree, you are ready to start celebrating as soon as you get the delivery.

So, if you order Christmas trees online and you choose this already-lit Fraser Fir tree, you won’t have to spend time placing the lights on it. Instead, you can use that time to decorate the tree with your family.
Also, as we have mentioned before, because of the strong branches, the tree will have no problem supporting heavy or large tree ornaments. You can let your imagination do its thing when decorating it.

8-9 feet Fraser Fir

Moving on to the 8-9 feet Fraser Fir, this one is suited for homes with high ceilings – but also for narrow spaces. When compared to its bigger brother, the 10-feet Fraser Fir, it is noticeably narrower, so you won’t have any problems fitting in in a relatively small space. You’ll probably want to choose the 8-9 feet Fraser fir if you wish to your Christmas tree to be a bit taller.

9-10 feet Fraser Fir

The 9-10 feet Fraser Fir is more fit if your ceiling is at a higher height, but it does not take up the entire space in the room. While wider than the 9-feet tree, it’s still reasonable when it comes to the space it takes. For example, if your living room has a higher ceiling than the rest of your house’s rooms, placing the Christmas tree in it will give the impression of grandeur to your room, just as you may have seen in the classic Christmas movies.

10-11 feet Fraser Fir

Despite being only 1 foot away from the 9-10 feet Fraser Fir, the 10-11 feet, Christmas tree is much wider. That is why it is recommended that you put it in a foyer or, if you have the required space, in one of the larger rooms of your house. Sometimes being described as a fat tree – in terms of width – you’ll have plenty of space underneath it to place all of the presents that are to be opened on the first day of Christmas.

11-12 feet Fraser Fir

As we move onward, the Christmas trees are getting wider and wider. The 11-12 feet Fraser fir is quite tall and wide as well. You might face some problems if you decide to force it inside one of your smaller rooms. While you may not have issues with the height – the width is the troublesome matter here. Same as with the previous size of Christmas tree, it is recommended that this one is placed in a foyer or in a room with a reasonable amount of space available.

12-13 feet & 13-14 feet Fraser Fir

We’re down to the last two big guys when it comes to Christmas trees – namely, the 12-13 and the 13-14 feet Fraser Fir trees. Both of them are recommended to be purchased only if you have a grand entrance at your disposal – because it will be very difficult to sneak these two inside a typical house.
Something worth mentioning about the tallest Fraser Fir Christmas tree with lights is that its size – 13 to 14 feet – is limited; so, if you want to impress and decorate your foyer or grand entrance and make it resemble one of those huge mansions you see in the movies or shows, you might think of pre-ordering it. Furthermore, it comes with over 14,000 lights that are already placed – what’s left for you to do is take your family and work around the tree until you have completely decorated it with your favorite ornaments.

14-15 feet Fraser Fir

While the trees that come with lights stop at 14 feet, you might be in need of more height. So, in this category, we have available the 14 to 15 feet tall Fraser Fir Christmas tree. No doubt, this tree calls for the highest ceilings – and the largest spaces, as it is almost three times the height of the average person. And if you want to decorate the entrance of your mansion with such a tree, it is recommended that you’d consider a pre-order, because this size is unique.



How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights 

Flocked Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Flocked Christmas Trees- Chad Everett Harris
Fraser Fir Flocked Christmas Trees with Light by The Garden Gates

Next, we’ll be taking a look at another entry of our Christmas trees list. Namely, the Flocked Fraser Fir tree. These, in turn, can be purchased with colored lights, with simple lights or with no lights at all.

The Flocked Fraser Fir is something that brings winter and snow inside your house. The process is known as flocking, in which a fluffy white substance is sprayed on the tree’s leaves to resemble snow, gives the tree a surreal look. And if you place it carefully inside your house, it might just look like it’s freshly taken from the blizzard or that the corner of your room is from another dimension, a chilly one.

The same characteristics that apply to the basic Fraser Fir apply to the Flocked one as well. The white spray on the branches does not affect their ability to support heavier or larger than usual ornaments. You have to get the ones that would fit with this white Christmas tree.

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees with Colored Lights

Christmas Trees with Colored Lights- Chad Everett Harris
Christmas Trees with Colored Lights

The last entry our list is closely related to the first one, as it refers to Fraser Fir Christmas trees with lights once again – but this time colored. You might wonder why an option like this one exists. Well, first of all, twisting all the lights across a Christmas tree, especially if it’s a big one, can be a hassle. You might end up spending half a day trying to figure out the best position for the lights.

That is why, when you order Christmas trees online, we make sure to include this option as well. Not only because of the reason as mentioned above, but also because finding good and proper lights to dress your tree with might be difficult, as well as time-consuming. We make sure that the lights’ quality is as the tree’s quality – one of the best, and you will shortly see why.

As we have covered up all of the types of Christmas trees that we can provide you with, it’s time to move forward with this buying guide. Therefore, we will take a look into things that regard – more or less – the quality assurance factor. This is because we want to offer the best Christmas trees to choose from – and this thing can’t be achieved just by picking a random one and sending it over to your house.
When it comes to trees just for Christmas, we make sure that the Fraser Fir trees we supply to our customers are carefully chosen, delivered and placed inside your house. With our help, there’s little left for you to do to have the perfect Christmas.
How We Do Our Job and What You Have to Do

As said before, we’ll now get into detailing how we behave with each and every one of our trees and with their preparation for your home. We are extremely cautious with how we give them the second cut once they reach our location in New Orleans and with how we trim them so that their shape does not change, and you are welcomed by a 100% natural Fraser Fir tree.

All of our Fraser Fir trees are grown in North Carolina, one of the areas to which this type of tree is restricted to. Even more, North Carolina is the main producer of Fraser Fir Christmas trees – therefore, it’s no surprise that the North Carolina General Assembly has deemed the Fraser Fir as North Carolina’s official Christmas tree.

The Garden Gates take extra care in making sure the Christmas trees are the freshest. Each tree is cut and trimmed and then transported to our location in New Orleans in less than 72 hours. Therefore, you can be sure that the Christmas trees delivered to all of our customers have not been in our stock for more than three days – if more than three days pass, some of their characteristics begin to fade away, so you will know whether a tree has been cut recently or not if you give it a close look.

Not only that this ensures the tree’s overall quality, but it also preserves its specific smell – so that you could be able to enjoy it in the Christmas mornings.
Another thing that’s pretty important – and which we make sure it stays the same – is the shape of the Fraser Fir. We do not alter the way it looks like, because every single tree of this type has a character of its own, making it unique. We don’t want our Christmas trees to look all the same – so you’d have plenty of options to choose from.

After the initial cut that has started the process of delivery of the tree from the farm to our location, the tree is cut one more time before being delivered to your house. As in the case of the fast transportation of the tree that’s made to ensure its quality and longevity, the same applies to the second cut as well. Having a Christmas tree delivered to you as fast as possible makes sure that the branches will keep their sturdiness and won’t bend under the pressure of the ornaments you are going to add on them.

As we’ve mentioned many times before – we help you keep the things that you have to do, related to your Christmas tree, to a minimum. That’s why we don’t only deliver the tree to your house and then let you do the rest of the work. We provide one other service as well.

After delivering your Christmas tree safely to your house, we will unload it and proceed to place it into your home – and also in a leak-proof stand so that any leak-related issues might be avoided entirely. You don’t have to carry it or decide on what it should be placed on. Just tell us the spot you want it on, and it’s done – problem solved.

There are various ways through which you can make sure that the Christmas trees delivered to your home are chosen properly. The first way would mean that you’ll give us a visit after placing your order and pick the tree you like the most. Also, you could leave us some information related to how you want your Christmas tree to be – tell us any preferences you might have, and we will do our best to provide.

But you could also leave it all in the hands of our Christmas Tree Experts! Having learned what people want in a Christmas tree, they will manage to choose the perfect tree for you to place in your house. This being said, you are in full control over your tree, so that there will be no complaints, and everyone has a peaceful and merry Christmas.

One thing that we almost forgot to mention is related to the fact that our Fraser Fir trees are 100% American grown and natural. What this means is that they will have unique characteristics spread across the tree. But being unique sometimes leads to unwanted features – such as holes in the log or certain areas that have no branching. While some people may find these beautiful and think that they make everything seem as natural as it is, some are in need of the perfect tree for their Christmas.

And this is why we mention once again that you are free to contact us and tell us the requests you have regarding your tree. We are here to satisfy every single one of your needs when choosing the Fraser Fir tree for you.
Also, another thing you should remember is that if you decide to return the tree after the holiday season is over, you will benefit from a 25% restocking fee.

Christmas Tree Lighting 
Now let’s talk a bit about the lighting of your Christmas tree – in case the one you want to order is pre-lit and ready to go. Before proceeding with the delivery, the tree will be hand strung and checked for quality, as well as for the safety of the lights. Usually, one foot of tree equals 100 lights – so you might have up to around 1,400 lights in a single tree, depending on its size.

The Garden Gates 10 Feet Fraser Fir Christmas Trees with Lights - Chad Everett Harris
The Garden Gates 10 Feet Fraser Fir Christmas Trees with Lights 

This is where you will play an important role to increase the safety level of the tree and the lights. We recommend that you do not add any extra lights to the tree as this is dangerous and might lead to some unwanted experiences. The place where you will plug your tree in is situated at its bottom, near the leak-proof stand.

Furthermore, you won’t have to rearrange the lights – because you will surely love how we’ve arranged them for you. We’ve strung the lights starting with the top of the tree, woven them into the trunk and then led out to the tips of the branches. The outcome of this process is a glowing fluffy Christmas tree.

Safety Measures
For the next part of our Christmas tree buying guide, we’ll tell you some things related to the safety measures you must take to avoid any issues.
First of all, you must remember that, at the time of delivery, you have to be able to provide a secure surge protector and an extension cord so that we will be able to test the Christmas tree on the spot. Also, the surge protector is not needed only when we will check the tree. You will have to continue to use it because if you don’t, then your tree’s lights will get damaged and you’ll have to get them repaired or replaced.

Still, in case you experience fuse burns, there’s a helpful video on our page that can help you solve your problem – and if it still happens, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll gladly help you.

Therefore, safety wise, you must remember to use a surge protector at all times to avoid any inconveniences.

Even if we have mentioned some things about the height of the Christmas trees delivered to your houses, there is still some helpful information for you to remember – as we’re trying to make this guide as complete as possible and prepare you for your new Christmas tree.

So, when it comes to the height of your ceiling, you must not buy a tree that will touch it. Not only that the tree could scratch your ceiling, but it would also look unnatural – plus, there has to be some room up there in case you want to add one of your unique decorations to the top of the tree.
To measure everything correctly, keep in mind that all of our Fraser Fir trees are measured from the very top to the very bottom – therefore, if you have a ceiling of 8 feet of height, you should go for the 6-7 feet Christmas tree and not for the one that reaches 8 feet.

Preparation for  Delivery

There are some things we’d like you to do before we get your tree delivered to you. This will help us do our job faster and safer, to be sure that everything is prepared accordingly before our arrival.

First of all, you should have the area where you want to place your tree cleared of any furniture or any other items. This will ensure a smoother movement of the tree in that area during its positioning, and it will also help us avoid damaging any piece of furniture.

Also, you should carefully check the pathway that the tree is delivered into the home. A doorway that’s too narrow will make it impossible for us to get the tree in the room you want it to be. That’s one more reason why you should choose the size of your Christmas tree accordingly and make sure it fits not only in the room but on the way until there.

As we’ve mentioned, the tree will be placed on a leak-proof stand. Still, while the bottom of the tree won’t damage your floor in any way, it’s possible that the stand will – so it would be better if you place a blanket or a towel on the floor to avoid any scratches.

We said it once – or perhaps twice – and we’ll say it one more time: make sure you have a surge protector and an extension cord ready if your tree has lights. This will prevent any short-circuits and most of the problems related to them.
One more thing for you to do is to make sure that we have placed the tree just the way you want it before we leave your house. This implies us turning it to your preferred side and trimming any branches that you don’t want to be there. After that, you only have to plug it in and see if it’s working correctly.
There is still one more thing we’d like you to do. For a smooth and fast process of the tree set up, please do not schedule your delivery the same day you have other events, parties, reunions in your home. This will only make our job harder and unpleasant for your guests.

For more information, you could also check out the videos featured in our Christmas trees section. These will show you how the setup of a Christmas tree is being built, how the trimming is done before the tree is sent for delivery, and how the lighting is arranged and organized throughout the Christmas tree.
In this section, you can also find one of the videos we mentioned earlier in this guide, more precisely the one that shows you how to fix the lights of your tree in case a fuse burn occurs. There’s even a video that will guide you through the connection process of the lights – in a safe manner.

The Bottom Line

In case you live in New Orleans or Metairie, and you want to buy a Christmas tree – or get one reserved – for the upcoming holiday, we hope that this guide has helped you learn new things and facts about this particular tree that makes your Christmas brighter.

We also hope that the information presented to you here has taught you everything you should know before buying a Christmas tree. And if you want a fresh Christmas tree in your house, make sure you contact us, so we can help you choose the perfect one.

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