Need an Irrigation Contractor?

Before starting a search for an irrigation contracting company or individual you should know the importance of installing and maintenance of an irrigation system. A well-maintained irrigation system can benefit you in a number of ways including convenience, low watering cost, easy to control irrigation timing, easy coverage of full landscape, reducing the loss of plants due to lack of water and increase in property value. Though it is easy to install an irrigation system but its maintenance is complicated, if you are new to it. So you must find an irrigation contracting company or individual to make the things easier for you.

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Things to consider while hiring an irrigation contracting individual or company

Check the logo of the association

In most of the places worldwide there is trade association of the companies and individuals working in horticulture industry so that businesses and homeowners can find out a competent and qualified irrigation contracting entity for designing and maintenance of their irrigation system. These associations also conduct certification programs for the new candidates seeking to be a certified irrigation contractor. While hiring a contractor you should check the logo of the association and ask whether he has industry certified staff or not.

Checklist for hiring irrigation contractor

You should check the following items when hiring an irrigation contractor:

  • Proof of standing with insurance board for the safety of his workers
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Knowledge of winterization procedures and costs
  • Written contract
  • Warranty of service
  • Availability of adequate human resources
  • Education, experience, and certification of the employees
  • Adequate resources for equipment required
  • Standing in the industry

Level of expertise of all the workers including contractor

The irrigation contracting company you hire should have staff and sub-contractors skilled in installing and taking care of all the aspects of irrigation system according to the size of your project including:

  • Installation of plumbing and backflow system
  • Electrical installation and management
  • Execution of boring and tunneling
  • Knowledge about irrigation and plant health care

The irrigation contracting company you hire must have knowledge of the philosophies used in horticulture management for taking care of plants and irrigation system. The pest management and plant health care strategies used for this purpose help in keeping your plantation and lawns healthy and beautiful for long by protecting them from the damages caused by diseases and insects.

Knowledge of smart watering system

They must know how to water your lawns and plants smartly and efficiently. The use of smart watering systems can help in saving the environment, like:

  • Installation of rain sensors on sprinkler systems
  • Adjusting the timer of irrigation according to the needs of the season
  • Detecting and repairing the leakage in irrigation systems
  • Watering deep-rooted trees and shrubs frequently for a longer time than shallow-rooted plants
  • Use sprinklers only for watering the garden or lawn not for washing sidewalks or street
  • Watering garden or lawn in early morning, the coolest part of the day
  • Avoid watering on windy days
  • Regular servicing of irrigation system
  • Reducing evaporation of water from the soil surface by using mulch around plants and shrubs
  • Cut the weeds to reduce their growth

Thus the tips provided in this write-up can help you in finding a suitable irrigation contracting company or individual for your lawns or plantation.

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