Guide to Buying Garden Fountains

Use Chad Everett Harris guide to buying garden fountains for the home or office.  He sells garden fountains from The Garden Gates online retailer store.  Whether used indoors or outside, a decorative water fountain is a great way to add a peaceful and relaxing accent to your home. They are quick to set up and easy to install. Outdoor fountains create a stunning central point or add a fine decorative touch. There is an outdoor fountain that just suits every personal preference and style. Fountains come in many shapes and styles that include everything from Romanesque and sophisticated to kitschy sweet. Before purchasing an outdoor fountain, read this guide for everything you’ll need to know about fountains, from functionality to style to the material.

Types of Fountains

Tiered Fountain

Tiered fountains are trendy and have been a better option for years. They are installed in the plazas and courtyards. The tiered fountain design can be complex or simple like carvings depicting animals, people and others.


A cascading water garden fountain is subtle. Instead of making use of pipes to spray water, the fountain only needs multiple levels so water quietly overflows from one to the next.

Statuary Fountains

Creatively more sophisticated than other types, statuary fountains make magnificent additions. They can are more accurate show your personality than many other fountains.


A pondless fountain is known as a twist on the traditional water features. Other than cascading or spouting fountain which draws from a noticeable reservoir, a pondless fountain’s reservoir is concealed under the ground. Because of the design, it doesn’t need much maintenance as other sorts and may be installed in smaller areas.


If large and conspicuous isn’t your style, consider a tabletop fountain. Some are subtle; they are more seen than the heard. They are sonic stress relievers and they can enhance concentration, offer meditation, and even humidify the room. If you are more interested in recreation than pretension, be sure to check out the tranquil selection of Zen fountains.

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains create a “wow” factor that draws positive attention to your home or office. Most garden fountains only require a level surface, which makes installation a breeze. By purchasing a larger fountain, you’ll be able to block unpleasant noise and replace it with the soothing sound of water.

With the right type of fountain, you can make your outdoors more beautiful, relaxing and a haven for active bird life and other small animals. Follow these simple guidelines to help you select the right type of garden fountain for your home.

Choosing a Garden Fountain – Factors to Consider

And because a water feature is often a relatively permanent addition to your landscape and may affect your yard’s aesthetic, use, and safety, it’s important to plan for one carefully. If you are getting your fountain custom designed, then your designer will ask you for the dimensions. However, if you are shopping for the fountain on your own, it is important to take this initiative. Here are some key considerations:

Consider scale, style and proportion.

These should be in keeping with the house and grounds. In most cases, a water feature should function as an accent, not a focal point. In a limited garden, for an example, an ornamental ceramic pot fitted with recalculating bubbler can fill the bill. A fountain with geometric lines will look best with a formal house and garden. A water feature that mimics shapes found in nature will complement an informal style. There are plain outdoor garden fountains and others that are ornamental, some even come with statues. You need to determine what suits your garden and more importantly, what expresses you and your lifestyle.

Essential components

A good wall fountain consists of light hood, water distribution area, a frame, mounting brackets, wall outlet, lights, large basin, water tubes, pump, and face. These parts are essential for making a fountain durable and pleasant. Look for these features when you go for shopping fountains and inquire about their functions from the company’s representative.

Easy Setup and Cost

Outdoor fountains are available to purchase at most local hardware stores, however you will find a much larger selection online. They usually include all necessary items to get it up and running in a single afternoon. A few basic hand tools, an electrical outlet, and a hose are all that is required to hook up most water fountains.

Think safety

Young children can drown in only a few inches of water. Be sure your water feature doesn’t pose a risk to children or adults. A particularly safe water feature doesn’t contain more than a few inches of water and is located where it cannot be reached by children. Even best, you can go for a pedestal or wall fountain that is totally above the reach of children.


When choosing a spot for the backyard fountain, make sure to place it in place that has simple access for maintenance and water filling because you will need to do to it. Don’t place it under trees; the extra work of having to clean your fountain of leaves may take the joy out of it. This includes length and width, and make sure you have a little leeway. Use common sense and don’t put it in risky places. If it’s on the floor, make sure it’s in an area that gets light foot traffic. This includes length and width, and make sure you have a little leeway. Use common sense and don’t put it in risky places. If it’s on the floor, make sure it’s in an area that gets light foot traffic.

Water Evaporation

The rate of water evaporation depends on the climate you are in. The hotter the climate, the higher the rate of evaporation.

Garden Fountain Reviews

Take a look at customer reviews too. That way you can see the pros and cons of that particular water fountain. You are looking for reviews on the product itself. So weigh it all up to the options before you buy. In all, choosing a water fountain or waterfall for your home is an individual decision, so get the one that’s right for you and fits with your lifestyle.

There are many choices when buying different discount outdoor fountains. Just keep a few details in mind. Out of the many styles and which outdoor fountain will best work with your home and garden. You should also take your time to choose a unique design for the type of fountain you want for your garden or lawn. You should also consider buying a finial for your fountain. A finial is a stone ornament that is placed on top of a fountain to give it a better look.  

Chad Everett Harris suggests talking with a garden fountain expert in addition to using this guide to buying garden fountains.  

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