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As leaders in the provision of landscaping services in Metairie and New Orleans in general, we take massive pride in providing you with exquisite services that can ultimately turn your landscape into a phenomenon. However, we also highly feel that our responsibility doesn’t and should not end there. Perhaps guided by our conscience, social responsibility and importance to the entire New Orleans community, we take it upon ourselves to offer innovative ideas, teachings and educational resources on all matters landscape, not only to our dedicated clientele, but to anybody who visits our website.

On that spirit, our company dedicates this part to offering you with some incisive and insightful resources that are tailored towards informing you in everything you need to know about landscaping and the issues surrounding this one-of-a-kind part of our daily lives. For this part, we take look at some unique parts of landscaping and offer resources that can inform you further on the issue.

Knowing Your Soil

As any professional landscaper will tell you, the type of soil in your yard is an important component of your habitat. To attain your dream landscape design, it is normally crucial to know your soil and the types of plants and vegetation that can do well in it. For plants to flourish, they obviously need the right soil conditions, which therefore call for the need to have the soil in your yard tested to establish its condition.

In most cases, soils in residential areas are not in their optimal condition due to numerous disturbances during development and construction of the properties. In other scenarios, you may find that the yard was elevated by bringing in fill materials that may affect the pH level of the soil. In other words, these materials may affect the natural state of the soil; thereby calling for the need to treat the soil with a soil conditioner.

In this regard, you can seek further advice and education on your soil’s condition from the Agriculture Department in New Orleans or in your specific area. You can also consider having a cooperative extension service officer in your area to test your soil and make incisive recommendations on how to best treat your soil to its optimal levels.

In many cases, this will require you to contact the local office to find out the procedure, which at times may require you to deliver the soil sample to the office. On that note, you can as well leave it to us to do all that dirty work for you and save you the time and stress of having to visit the office to find out the condition of your soil.

Selecting the Right Plant Species for Your Landscape

The truth of the matter is that not all plants, flowers and vegetation can be suitable for New Orleans and its surrounding areas. It is at the backdrop of this reason that you should be extremely careful when choosing plants as you should be rightly aware of the size of the plant at maturity. For instance, it would not be safe and advisable for you to plant an oak tree under a power line where it would later end up being trimmed or cut so as not to reach its full size.

With that in mind, you can check with various landscape resources including Louisiana Native Plant Initiative, Master Naturalists of Greater New Orleans, Acadiana Master Naturalists, as well as other guides to trees, vegetation and shrubs. In checking with these valuable guides, you will realize that it is usually advisable not to overcrowd plants and shrubs when planting. Leaving enough space between them will allow them to reach size. Ideally, seeking our services will discard the essence of having to learn all these as we will be in hand to offer invaluable advice and recommendation concerning such issues.

Proper Planning of Your Landscape and Patio Space

Whether you are fully relying on our advice in terms of design or totally starting from scratch, it is often important to seek some further suggestions so as to find what works for you. For example, a little effort and planning can help you attract wildlife such as birds in your own backyard that is if you want. Checking with resources such as Garden Design Idea or subscribing to our free blog can help you a lot when it comes to the planning of your backyard and patio space.

Adding Water Features to Your Landscape

Creating diversity with an edge effect is not an easy thing. You can use different methods of planting to create the much required diversity. But above all, adding a water feature to your landscape will maximize diversity and create an attractive and joyful habitat. Adding a small pool or pond can create an alluring and attractive aquatic ecosystem that can add a lot more value to your landscape.

Therefore, checking with numerous resources such as the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries can provide some helpful insights on how to go about adding a water feature in your landscape. Nevertheless, our prowess in designing pools cannot be downplayed. You can as well rely on our abilities and skills to design you an astonishing swimming pool.

Restoring a Natural Habitat in Your Landscape within an Urban Area

Many human activities have often led to the diminishing of natural habitat so as to give way to cities, towns and farms. While this may be crucial in turning our surroundings to a metropolis, it has in one front, destroyed or altered a great deal of nature that is perfect for an ideal landscape setting. In this way, some native species have been affected and the authorities are now placing many reforms to protect the remaining species from distinction.

Nevertheless, this can be the perfect moment for you to restore naturalism into your landscape and within the urban setting. This may call for the need to acquire certain authorization, but can be an exceptional way of having a unique landscape that stands out from the rest. In doing so, there are numerous resources that can be of major help, such as; Louisiana Conservationist Management, as well as Louisiana Backyard Wildlife Management.

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